Measles—one of the most contagious diseases—is on a rampage thanks to falling vaccination levels.

A “humanitarian disaster.” And: “covid-hell.”

Following Pfizer's news that its COVID-19 vaccine shows 90% efficacy, Russia rushed to report that its Sputnik V vaccine candidate shows 92% efficacy, 

Since the pandemic began, China has enacted several new regulations aimed at stopping the spread disease from animals to humans, including a ban on breeding terrestrial wildlife for meat consumption.  

The CDC released its strongest guidance yet on face coverings yesterday, underscoring

The US logged its 7th straight day of 100,000+ new COVID-19 cases yesterday—setting the stage for massive increase by the holiday season, Michael Osterholm 

COVID-19 has been depriving more than 97% of children in Latin America and the Caribbean of an education, according to a UNICEF report released yesterday.

A nasal spray designed to block SARS-CoV-2 was completely protective against the virus in a small preprint study of ferrets by Columbia University and other researchers.   Bonus: It’s inexpensive and doesn’t need refrigeration.   If—and it’s still a…

An independent review panel trained on the WHO found a “significant discrepancy between member states’ financial contributions and their expectations” and called for more reforms including an amped-up, multi-tiered early warning system for outbreaks,