Living in polluted areas significantly ups the risk of dying from COVID-19, according to a 

The US woke up today to murky presidential election results and a worsening coronavirus outlook. 

“Cluster-busting” approach to contact tracing has paid dividends in Japan and elsewhere in Asia—and is gaining attention in the West, 

With this pandemic, people are facing something they’ve never seen before, and that’s messing with how we process information and assess risk.  

Pinpointing SARS-CoV-2’s animal origins is key to preventing a similar outbreak—but China has kept the search “shrouded in secrecy” from the get-go, resisting outside scrutiny, blocking probes of discrepancies, and dictating the terms of WHO involvement.   Concessions were…

What does the outcome of the US presidential election mean for science and health? A lot.    The result will not only dictate the future of the nation’s COVID-19 response, but the future of various federal agencies, top officials, health care laws, and global health in…

Tuberculosis is a curable illness, yet it is the top infectious disease killer worldwide. South Africa bears the brunt—the country lost 64,000 people to TB in 2019 alone.   Until recently, TB patients in South Africa—who wear face masks during treatment—also shouldered…

As COVID-19 cases explode in different parts of the US, contact tracers are overwhelmed and some health officials appear to be giving up on tracking the virus, 

COVID-19 cases are rising in Latin America and the Caribbean, where the death toll has passed 397,000—marking the world’s highest death rate from the virus, 

The whimsy and escapism of Halloween would be the perfect reprieve from a grim year—were it not for all the crowds and communal cauldrons of candy,