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Amy Maxmen

Freelance Writer
Amy Maxmen [] is an award-winning science writer who covers the entanglements of medicine, policy, nature and of people behind research. Her stories appear in a variety of outlets, including Wired, National Geographic, Nature, and the New York Times. From Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, she's reported two series for Global Health NOW on the most neglected diseases. Her feature in Nautilus magazine on the origin of humanity is anthologized in The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2015. Prior to writing, she earned a PhD from Harvard University in evolutionary biology. Twitter: @amymaxmen Instagram: @amaxmen

Part I: The Lives By Amy Maxmen Wisal Altai’s disfigured foot is wedged into a flip flop with a golden strap. A crevice cuts across the foot’s surface at the base of five henna-stained…