Rocked by a massive volcanic eruption Saturday that set off tsunamis, Tonga faces an “unprecedented disaster,” according to the government’s first update today, 

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Amid a steep increase in pregnancies among girls during the pandemic, Zimbabwe changed a law last summer that had banned pregnant students from schools.  While activists hailed the move as a significant step, the new policy has largely failed: Most girls haven’t returned…

The true threat of Omicron can be hard for researchers and doctors to communicate. 

While the WHO meets today to weigh whether to extend the global public health emergency that’s been in place for nearly 2 years, some experts warn that declaring an end to emergency now could send the wrong signal, the 

A  “west-to-east tidal wave” of Omicron is sweeping across Europe, threatening the Balkans and beyond, the WHO’s Hans Kluge said yesterday, 

Puerto Rico has been a model for handling Covid-19 in the US with a 78% vaccination rate and one of the lowest death rates.  But Omicron has driven a nearly 600% surge in hospitalizations, inundating its overtaxed health system. Factors in play: 

After Kenya’s initial COVID-19 lockdowns lifted and schools reopened, many female students didn’t return.  When researchers asked why, the most common reason was that their family couldn’t afford it. The second most common was that they were pregnant. In developing…

While Omicron may require less hospitalization among those it infects, its extreme transmissibility is still posing a critical threat to US hospitals. Even if a smaller proportion of people need to be hospitalized, absolute numbers are enough to flood an already-eroded…

CDC director Rochelle Walensky has been pilloried by critics who say she’s out of touch with the public’s needs during the pandemic and is responsible for confusing guidance and