Republican lawmakers in the US are launching a flurry of legislative actions to curb the power of state governors who drew on general emergency powers to protect public health during the pandemic.  Their goal is to limit executive actions in emergencies and enshrine…

After a year’s delay, the Olympics are back–-but far from back to normal.  

In announcing the settlement yesterday with the 3 biggest opioid distributors and drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, a group of state attorneys general acknowledge the compensation is insufficient for those who lost loved ones to opioids,

How did a controversial Alzheimer’s drug pass muster with the FDA without being proven effective?   Meeting minutes reveal that a council of 15 officials concluded that another clinical trial would be needed before greenlighting Biogen’s Aduhelm, or aducanumab.

A proposed population control policy in India’s most populous state would incentivize families to have just 2 children—and offer prime perks like preferential admission to educational institutions to those having just one,

The US CDC is calling for schools to reopen fully this fall—and that only unvaccinated students and staff need to mask up, according to

From Geneva to Los Angeles, health authorities are advising the vaccinated to wear masks indoors. But the CDC still disagrees, The New York Times reports.  

In vague yet cutting terms, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un berated and fired top officials yesterday for causing a “great crisis” in their incompetent, “lazy” approach to anti-virus measures, according to state media reports from a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party.  

America’s pandemic response, like the country itself, “valorizes independence and prizes personal freedom”—no matter the administration.   The trait has hobbled the US strategy—most recently with new CDC guidance that focuses on the vaccinated being “liberated from the…