As US coronavirus hospitalizations surge, a new CDC study quantifies what health workers

Russia’s heavy-handed approach to the pandemic—stiff fines for missing quarantine checks, jail time for knowingly hiding infections—could be backfiring, as COVID-19 cases surge. Russians’ history of mistrusting medicine—dating back to Soviet times—has also set the stage…

The latest wave of COVID-19 cases could soon swamp hospitals in parts of the US and Europe, forcing some to consider extreme measures. 

Europe is on the precipice of a perilous winter as the continent notched a record +1.3 million new cases in the past week and countries scrambled to enact new restrictions, 

Migrants and refugees are suffering disproportionately from the COVID-19 pandemic despite playing an outsized role propping up economies and essential services.  

Purdue Pharma has reached a controversial ~$8.3 billion settlement with the US Justice Department over its role in the opioid crisis that has killed 232,000+ Americans, 

Is there a viable alternative to the gold-standard N95 mask?  

By the time COVID-19 arrived, Kashmir was already well-versed in lockdowns, following strict measures India imposed on the region in August 2019. And Kashmir volunteer relief groups know how to cut through military lockdowns and regulatory hurdles to deliver aid. Now,…

A landmark study of Ebola survivors could have big implications for COVID-19 research.  

The researchers behind an ill-fated HIV vaccine have published a letter in The Lancet