The sidelining of pregnant women’s needs and the skills of midwives is leading to a scourge of preventable deaths, warns the 

South Asia—one of the most polluted regions on Earth—also has the highest global burden of pregnancy loss.

Folic acid has long been recommended for women of reproductive age to help prevent neural tube defects.   But online, doubt is being sown about its safety for more than half of the US population who have variants of the gene known as MTHFR.   The health impacts of common…

The pandemic has dramatically shifted women’s reproductive plans—and dimmed hopes for some of ever having a child, 

Society’s squeamishness about older people’s sex lives is driving a rise in sexually transmitted infections among over-45s, according to a new survey spanning the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands, 

It’s been a big month for Loyce Pace.   Last week, she was appointed to President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board—but as she pointed out on Twitter, “I still very much have a day job”—as president and executive director of Global Health Council. 

Kelli Dillon longed to have a second chance at motherhood upon her release from prison.   Instead, she was told she might have cancer, was chained, and lined up with 4 other prisoners for “assembly-line” surgery.   But that was a lie: She’d been intentionally sterilized.…

Marie Stopes South Africa was conducting 2,000+ abortions per month before the pandemic. When caseloads plummeted under lockdown, they sought ways to help women avoid unsafe procedures, writes Melusi Dhlamini, director of clinical services for the organization.  

A landmark study from Sweden confirms the huge benefits of the HPV vaccine in preventing cervical cancer itself—not just cellular changes that can lead to cervical cancer.  

For years, Texas laws have scaled back access to low-cost abortion and reproductive health services, making access increasingly difficult for Latinx women.   For much of April, the state had a near-total ban on abortions, deemed “non-essential” amid the pandemic.     The…