Strict lockdowns are no longer the best way to contain COVID-19, Africa CDC chief John Nkengasong said yesterday.

At-home antigen tests, already in short supply, may be unreliable in detecting Omicron in its early days, a 

Japan’s 5 waves of COVID-19 have forced the country’s health system to continuously adapt. Some changes appear to be lasting, health leaders say. 

Syria’s health system, crippled by a decade of war, continues to be ravaged by COVID-19. Hospitals are overwhelmed, and scores of doctors and nurses have either died or fled the country. 

Rising numbers of Omicron cases are overwhelming primary care physicians in Europe and swamping hospitals, as the US struggles with its own Omicron wave.  


It’s still early, but a notable drop in COVID-19 cases in South Africa in recent days—from a high of 27,000 new cases per day to 15,424 yesterday—could be a hopeful signal that the Omicron-driven surge has passed its peak. PBS NewsHour Meanwhile in the…

2021 was a hard year by any standard. A rapidly mutating and fast-spreading virus, a legion of follow-on impacts of the pandemic, extreme weather events, and many other issues harried and worried us. But, as difficult as it is to imagine, there were bright moments and good…

As many as 200 academic papers on COVID-19 have been retracted since the start of the pandemic due to reasons ranging from calculation errors to missing evidence to fraud.