Some 10% of COVID-19 survivors experience long-term complications, yet the condition still doesn’t have set guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.  

Already the epicenter of the pandemic, India’s COVID-19 response has now been intercepted by a cyclone,

Early in the pandemic, a tense Zoom call between scientists and the WHO about how the coronavirus spread worried aerosol expert Lindsey Marr: global health officials were fixated on the “5 micron rule” distinguishing droplet and airborne transmission, and struggled to see…

The world has reached the “vaccine apartheid” stage of the pandemic, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned yesterday,

*Visit the series page to read all of our COVID Country Dispatches. A strict lockdown helped Argentina avoid the worst of COVID-19 in the pandemic’s early months, but it came at a high cost to the economy. And now, as the country prepares for…

Globally, there aren’t nearly enough virus samples being sequenced to keep track of emerging variants.  

Long working hours are increasingly deadly, according to the

COVID-19 researchers have focused heavily on adults—but evidence suggests children may also develop long COVID, even if they showed no symptoms while infected.  

Fully vaccinated Americans can essentially go maskless for most normal activities, including large indoor gatherings, according to 

The COVAX facility aimed to get ahead of glaring vaccine inequity by setting up the largest vaccine procurement in history.   But the effort has fallen far behind its targets, in part because of export controls imposed by India.