New data suggests the variant of COVID-19 first identified in the UK may be deadlier than its predecessor, though scientists caution there still isn’t enough data to draw firm conclusions, BBC reports.

Having strange dreams during the pandemic? You’re not alone.   Bizarre, vivid dreams can be a way to process intense psychological stressors, and withdrawal from the usual environments has forced the subconscious mind to look deeper for sources of inspiration.

A monoclonal antibody drug combo showed promise in lowering viral loads in early-stage COVID-19 outpatients,

Somewhere in the stack of executive orders President Biden signed on his first day was one that halted his predecessor’s attempted departure from the WHO.  

The 501Y.V2 SARS-CoV-2 variant identified in South Africa has researchers worried it could bypass protection from prior infection or vaccination,

President Biden has formally disbanded the coronavirus advisory board that has guided his pandemic response plans since November.     But the team of top doctors, researchers, and public health experts isn’t going far.

The pandemic has made us all students of public health. By reading GHN, you stay abreast of the best reporting on global health—from COVID-19 to climate change to malaria and neglected diseases.  

“COVID camouflagers”—those who have hidden their condition entirely— have manifold reasons for their coverups.  

Doctors say they help. So why are COVID-19 treatments—including monoclonal antibodies, antivirals, and corticosteroids—going unused?

Today, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States—alongside the first Black and Indian American Vice President in US history, Kamala Harris.     What happens then?