Tewodros Tefera—a surgeon and father—is one of 60,000+ people who have fled ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.   Since entering Sudan, he has worked nonstop treating patients with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society—without running water or electricity.   Fresh from…

Nearly 700 health workers were killed and thousands more were attacked between 2016 and 2020, according to a Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition report released this morning.    COVID-19 Connection: Most attacks occurred in conflict zones, but the pandemic led to…

More than a year into a disastrous pandemic response, Brazil’s Senate began a damning probe yesterday into President Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the pandemic.  

As India reels from its horrific COVID-19 storm, people are dying in hospital car parks and trainee doctors and nurses are abandoning exams for the  frontlines,

In Peru, doctors are convinced of a resurgence of tuberculosis.   Back in 2017, before the pandemic, the country already had the highest rate of drug-resistant tuberculosis in the Americas.

US schools desperate to make air safer for kids are being hard-sold unproven air cleaning technologies that may do more harm than good, a Kaiser Health News investigation found.   Warning signs:

Barring action from world leaders, the horror engulfing India could soon be mirrored in many South American, Asian, and African countries,

Novavax, a small US drug maker, is relatively unknown. But their first-ever vaccine—for COVID-19—proved as effective as big-name competitors in a UK trial. The company is preparing to file for authorization in the US and India. South Korea is already aiming for local…

The pandemic has made ‘social determinants of health’ a buzzy phrase and brought fresh grant money to study the century-old concept.   But thus far, research on the topic hasn’t translated to tangible solutions, which are politically fraught and incredibly complex.

Missed second shots and dwindling demand may prolong COVID-19 in the US.