Young Americans who vape were up to 7X more likely to receive a COVID-19 diagnosis than non-vapers, according to a national online survey by Stanford researchers.

The pandemic has pushed automation to center stage at a pace that’s alarming even to researchers who’ve spent years predicting robots’ rise.   Companies are pushing forward plans to automate everything from burger-flipping to room service delivery. White Castle plans to…

North Korea’s Red Cross Society is working double duty responding to both coronavirus concerns and to recent rains and flooding that have submerged whole rice fields, threatening crops and food supplies in the isolated nation.    

Despite comparatively low numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths, South Asia is suffering disruptions to key health services. Take polio vaccination.  

When 2 men in Brazil, alike in every other way but their class, got coronavirus, they entered different worlds.   One, a wealthy doctor, tapped into a top-notch private health system. The other turned to an overwhelmed public health system. Instead of receiving…

Countries around the world have long excluded nursing homes from their pandemic preparedness plans, and now the consequences are being sorely felt, the 

Children—especially Black and Hispanic children—are vulnerable to severe COVID-19, according to a 

Critics say the White House’s much-anticipated new strategy to address the rise in suicides doesn’t go far enough—but it does take on a hot-button issue, particularly around veterans: access to firearms.  

2020 was once predicted as the worst year yet for acute flaccid myelitis, a rare polio-like condition that hits kids every other fall.  

Navajo Nation has suffered more COVID-19 deaths per capita than any US state, a scourge enabled by a basic lack of infrastructure on the reservation, where some 30% of homes lack running water.   Reservation leaders want to use a chunk of the $714 million federal aid…