The US will not join in the global effort to develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, the Trump administration announced yesterday, saying it doesn’t want to be constrained by “corrupt” multilateral organizations influenced by the WHO and China, 

“Contact tracing” is better-known in the US than ever.

The data on convalescent plasma as a COVID-19 therapy are inconclusive, an NIH panel determined yesterday—undercutting the FDA’s controversial August 23 endorsement of the therapy, 

New data bolster the evidence that COVID-19 is spread primarily via aerosol transmission, rather than large respiratory droplets or contaminated surfaces, according to 2 Clinical Infectious Diseases studies, 

Everyone knows the term ‘social distancing’—but even scientists don’t agree on how much space between people is needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But consensus or not, public health guidance goes on, writes Joanne Silberner.    

While the first known case of COVID-19 reinfection included a milder second bout, that process isn't necessarily holding up for other reinfections. One in Nevada was more severe in the second infection than the first, underscoring big questions about the nature of…

As the global vaccine race intensifies, scientists warn that the rush to market could advance an inferior vaccine, The Guardian reports.

From Amazon to McDonald’s to school districts, US workers say they have been told to keep mum about their COVID-19 concerns and cases among staff.   One Florida school district warned employees that social media posts that reflect badly on the district “may lead to…

When it comes to health, ZIP codes may even be a more accurate predictor of health than genetics, gender, or lifestyle habits—especially for Black women.   In cities like Atlanta and Baltimore, neighborhoods just a few miles apart can have a 20-year difference in life…

Funding has been revived for 2 global virus-hunting initiatives that had been dropped.