Heavy-hitter pandemics like COVID-19 are more likely than we might think, according to a

Multiple Florida school districts—including some of the state’s largest—are defying Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates in schools.  

The CDC has put into a motion a plan to better forecast disease threats using real-time data and analytics.  

Worrisome data on breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated in the US persuaded the Biden administration to embrace a COVID-19 booster strategy that will start as early as mid-September, 

With 38,000+ deaths in the last 2 weeks—double the fatalities in North America—Southeast Asia has emerged as COVID-19’s new regional hotspot,

Misinformation-fueled skepticism about COVID-19 vaccines has reached a new level in the US: Some patients in need of lifesaving blood transfusions are asking for blood from unvaccinated people.  

South Africa has been hammered by the Delta variant while waiting on tens of millions of ordered doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine—and meanwhile, shots “filled and finished” in-country are being exported to Europe,

Last September, a 

In the midst of this world health crisis, it is crucial to strengthen collaborative efforts between scientists, stakeholders, policy makers and epidemiologists in order to formulate solutions on its polymorphic aftermath. However, the recent rise in cases worldwide due to…

They have done their jobs, and their jobs have done them in.   18 months into the pandemic, exhausted US health workers are grappling with burnout as COVID-19 cases are increasing yet again.