Results from a US clinical trial provide support for antibody-rich plasma from convalescent patients who have recovered from COVID-19 as an early COVID-19 treatment, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reports.  

COVID-19 cases in Japan have plunged 99% from their peak in August, and the country has seen less than 1 death per day in recent weeks.  Why? Experts are struggling to find an answer. 80% of Japan’s population is vaccinated, and masking is the norm. But Japan’s neighbor,…

2 studies published yesterday give some insights into understanding what factors make some children more at risk for severe COVID-19, and how the virus can affect children’s gastrointestinal systems. 

Countries are bracing for the coming Omicron tidal wave with unprecedented case numbers. 

America found creative ways to adapt to pandemic disruptions in daily life. Many “temporary” solutions that eased our stress have already become standard practice.   The following innovations, according to Politico reporters, will likely become everyday staples:

More than 5 million children died before their fifth birthday in 2020, as the world remains “significantly off track” to meet the Sustainable Development Goals to end preventable child deaths, according to the latest findings released this week by the UN Inter-agency Group…

Americans are hearing warnings to get boosted and mask up, as UK data questions whether Omicron infections lead to less severe illness than other variants.

The CDC will now recommend Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines over Johnson & Johnson’s for all adults—after evidence has mounted about the latter’s links to rare blood clots, NPR reports.

The faulty COVID-19 testing kits developed by the CDC in the pandemic’s early days weren’t just contaminated—they contained basic design problems that generated false positives, an internal analysis by the agency has found.

South Korea will bring back pandemic restrictions—reversing its “living with COVID-19” policy for now—in a bid to curb record-breaking daily case counts and a worrying increase in severe cases, Channel News Asia reports.   Officials hope limits on gatherings and eateries—…