Replacing bar meetups with virtual happy hours might offer a much-needed salve during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but downing too much alcohol could also reduce your immune system’s ability to fight off infectious diseases, according to numerous studies.

There’s 2 sides of the coin when it comes to air pollution and COVID-19.   One the one hand, long-term lung damage from intense air pollution may worsen the disease, The Guardian reports.  

The race is on to create a COVID-19 vaccine—and it’s China versus the US.   Both nations greenlit clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine Monday, Global Times reports.  

Young adults in the US account for a surprising percentage of severe COVID-19 illness, according to preliminary data published yesterday by the CDC.

As novel coronavirus cases continue to mount globally, humanity can’t turn to its go-to infectious disease fixes: vaccines and drugs. At least not yet. A new vaccine might be at least 12 to 18 months away though new drug treatments will likely come sooner. 

The largest study to date of children in China shows that while most children infected with the SARS-CoV2 virus escaped with mild to moderate symptoms, a small percentage became seriously ill.

COVID-19 hit China first—and as cases taper there, other countries are still grasping for the best approaches.     What can they learn from China?   Lockdowns worked—but travel bans were less effective within China than internationally. Cutting off Wuhan delayed the spread…

As COVID-19 continues its worldwide attack, few pockets remain untouched. Here's a grim, global tour:South-East Asia

The 1918 flu and other pandemics of yore didn’t need air travel to spread like wildfire—and closing borders today won’t stop COVID-19, either.   But today we have the strongest weapon ever against pandemics: information, writes the historian Noah Harari.   COVID-19’s…