The pandemic in South America is taking an alarming turn for the worse. 

In Chile’s fight against COVID-19, a lot has gone right: from a public health system bolstered by decades of investment, to early negotiations that helped make Chile a world leader on vaccinations.

It’s impossible to ignore COVID-19. The near misses, though—the epidemics stopped before they spread—often don’t make the news.

The Biden administration is loosening restrictions on prescribing the lifesaving drug buprenorphine—proven to reduce opioid relapses and overdose deaths,

Activists in India called out Twitter for withholding tweets criticizing their government’s COVID-19 response, saying the censorship puts lives at risk.  

ANTICOV, Africa’s largest COVID-19 clinical treatments trial, is now underway and recruiting participants in more than a dozen countries from Cameroon to Sudan.   First up: A study of the combo of antiparasitic nitazoxanide and inhaled corticosteroid…

Rapidly developed and strikingly effective, COVID-19 vaccines have been game changers in the pandemic—for some. Others are watching from the sidelines because they lack access or are hesitant. Tech companies have a role to play in expanding vaccine equity, says Nick Clegg…

These days “vaccine” means “COVID vaccine,” but World Immunization Week is reminding us how many routine life-saving interventions have been lost to the pandemic.     Global Take:

The pandemic has ushered in a proliferation of poorly designed, “inefficient and wasteful” studies, international researchers wrote in

In the so-called “Workers’ Paradise” of Venezuela, COVID-19 patients are left to source their care privately or buy their own supplies to use in public hospitals—barriers to care that leave “untold numbers” to die.