Liberia is the first African country to introduce the new typhoid conjugate vaccine, folding it into routine immunizations for 9-month-olds, the

From an increase in rapes in Nigeria and South Africa, to more women murdered in Brazil and Mexico, and an uptick in reports of missing women in Peru, violence against women has increased dramatically during the pandemic, 

COVID-19 has been depriving more than 97% of children in Latin America and the Caribbean of an education, according to a UNICEF report released yesterday.

Unsafe recycling of lead-based car batteries may be the biggest global scandal you've never heard of.  It’s profitable but especially dangerous for children working in unsafe, unregulated smelting operations across the globe.

In malaria endemic areas, children who have fever are often presumed to have the disease—but a new study found that another mosquito-borne disease—dengue—was often the culprit.  

Preventive antimalarials for school-age children may be the key to revive progress against the disease across Africa, 

Sepsis—the body's potentially deadly response to infection—causes 1 in 5 deaths worldwide, yet there are huge chasms in the knowledge base about it, WHO warns.  

In a watershed moment, the prestigious Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago suspended intersex surgeries last month. Activists hope other hospitals will follow suit.   The UN has condemned these surgeries, but they are legal in almost every country. (“…

Even as the pandemic is making it hard for low- and middle-income countries to keep children on schedule with their vaccines, new modeling shows astounding returns on investment in vaccines.