The pandemic has marked the “biggest global crisis for children” in UNICEF’s history, plunging 100 million more children into poverty and pushing back progress on health, access to education, nutrition, child protection, and mental well-being, UN News reports.  

New estimates of COVID-19’s toll on childhood vaccinations find that nearly 23 million children didn’t get routine vaccinations last year, 

The pandemic has led to worse outcomes for yet another vulnerable group: moms and their babies, according to a new

Children in parts of southern Yemen have the highest rates of acute malnutrition ever recorded in the area—affecting more than 580,000 under-5s, 

In the massive push to get a COVID-19 vaccine to market, drugmakers are looking to do within a year what often takes a decade or more, Bloomberg reports.   70+ coronavirus vaccine candidates are in the works worldwide—3 of them have reached the human trial stage.  

Since the Zika pandemic ended 3 years ago, 6,000+ research papers have been published on the topic. Yesterday the New England Journal of Medicine published an overall takeaway, revealing:

By Inon Schenker & Emma Brofsky “Poop” is not something we like to talk about publicly much less smell or see.

Children in rural, low-income regions of Alaska are 5-6 times more likely to experience hearing loss than other US children. Worse, it’s preventable. Susan Emmett of Duke University is working with the Hearing Norton Sound project to use Alaska’s thriving telemedicine…

Women with high concentrations of DDT in their blood during pregnancy are 32% more likely to give birth to a child that develops autism, according to a study of almost a million women.

South Australia seeks to become the third Australian state to fine child care centers and preschools that admit an unvaccinated child. The law would not exempt parents who object to vaccination for non-medical reasons.   The move is the latest in a nationwide effort to…