As COVID-19 cases explode in different parts of the US, contact tracers are overwhelmed and some health officials appear to be giving up on tracking the virus, 

A COVID-19 survey of more than 50,000 people in 50 US states surfaced at least 3 important takeaways: Good News: Testing results are getting back sooner. Bad News: They’re still not fast enough to help with contact tracing and…

Confusion and contradictions ruled this weekend amid conflicting accounts of President Trump’s condition, a dangerous PR stunt, and signs of super-spreading events tied to the White House and the campaign. "Kitchen Sink" Treatment Approach:

The largest epidemiological study of COVID-19 so far reveals a key role played by super-spreading events in India, the Los Angeles Times reports.

While Africa’s COVID-19 cases have remained lower than projected, the pandemic has had major indirect impacts, according to a new 

“Contact tracing” is better-known in the US than ever.

A Boston conference in February has been linked to 20,000 COVID-19 cases, according to a new genome sequencing study that’s not yet peer reviewed.

Contact tracing, an early hope for containing the coronavirus, is failing in some US states.

Contact tracing is considered a linchpin in the fight against COVID-19. To work, it requires a level of trust between communities and authorities that doesn’t exist in the face of systemic racism against Black Americans.   Aggressive police crackdowns against anti-racism…

What does contact tracing look like?   After 20 years with the Salt Lake County Public Health Department in Utah, Debbie Sorenesen has some idea. So do the dozens of brand new contact tracers the state has recruited since the pandemic began—more than tripling its number of…