Giving young children a vaccine-drug combo during the time they are most vulnerable could cut malaria deaths and illness by 70%,

The demand for COVID-19 treatments like monoclonal antibodies is rising in parts of the US with mounting cases—especially in states with low vaccination rates,

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held August 6–15 in Meade County, South Dakota, had all the makings of a superspreader event:  More than 500K attendees No testing No mask requirements No vaccination requirements in a county with only 38.3% of residents vaccinated…

While almost all global sports have banned sponsorships from Big Tobacco, Formula 1 racing teams have put the pedal to the metal and will rake in an estimated $105 million this year, according to

Time’s up to get to the bottom of COVID-19 origins, write the authors of last spring’s WHO report in a 

The rapid US departure from Afghanistan is leaving much behind: Humvees, equipment, gear, a host of health issues for the country—and children.  

When COVID-19 drove up demand for medical oxygen in Mexico, supply lines got shaky and prices soared—pushing some hospitals to embrace plans to build their own plants.   A hospital in Guanajuato built an onsite oxygen generator plant that supplied the entire hospital and…

As the Delta variant swept through the US, vaccine effectiveness at preventing infection fell from about 90% to 66%, according to 

After 200 million+ doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine have been injected into American arms, the FDA gave its

Students searching for ways to alleviate extreme poverty found a solution right under their feet: replacing dirt floors.