Sometimes trials are stopped early because the news is good—and this is one of those times.  

The researchers behind an ill-fated HIV vaccine have published a letter in The Lancet 

It’s well known that infants and elderly people are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases—but what happens in between those age extremes?  

Humans have a long history of shunning the ill.   HIV rained stigma down on gay men and injecting drug users. And, in India, leprosy was grounds for divorce until last year.  Stigma undermines the effectiveness of public health interventions, adding to the “hidden burden”…

A tiny proportion of HIV-infected people have a rare “superpower”—they manage to keep the virus at undetectable levels in their blood without taking antiretroviral drugs, 

A New Yorker profile hails Anthony Fauci, the infectious diseases advisor steering Americans through the COVID-19 crisis, as “America’s Doctor."

What do COVID-19, Ebola, HIV, and SARS have in common? They all originated in animals—but their spread was enabled by human activity.  

Bill and Melinda Gates’s annual letter, published yesterday, reflects on 20 years and $53.8 billion spent on efforts to further their core mission: To give every person “the chance to live a healthy and productive life.” Key takeaways from this must-read for the global…

The first scientific study of the HIV outbreak in Ratodero, Pakistan shows an urgent need to ramp up efforts to control the outbreak and treat those infected, according to a London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine news release.  

In a worrisome trend, mother-to-child transmission of HIV have been creeping back in a handful of countries over the last 18 months—jeopardizing prog