Bottlenecks in some US hospitals hard-hit by COVID-19 aren't about a lack of space—but rather a shortage of nurses, their ranks depleted by early retirements and burnout fueled by the heavy toll of tending to pandemic patients.  

More than 700 health care workers were killed and 2,000 wounded from 2018 through 2020, according to

New CDC data has put the lie to the notion that vaccinated people aren’t spreading the Delta variant,

The CDC has identified the first cases of a dangerous, drug-resistant fungal infection in previously untreated people in the US.

While grieving family members combed through charred blankets and belongings looking for signs of their loved ones, the death toll climbed to 92 in a fire that blazed through a COVID-19 hospital ward in Nasiriya, Iraq Monday night, 

Power outages are a pain at the best of times—when they occur in hospitals, they can be deadly and costly.  Now, they are a top concern for South Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  

Although US, hospitals largely got ahead of the well-documented ventilator shortage, many patients died because they couldn’t get an ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.  

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine may not provide as much protection against the Delta variant as initially believed, according to data released yesterday by Israel’s health ministry, 

A trio of reports released yesterday highlight global issues connected to refugees, asylum seekers, and human trafficking:  

Skyrocketing COVID-19 cases across Indonesia, fueled by the Delta variant, are overwhelming hospitals and oxygen supplies—pushing the country to the brink of catastrophe,