Stop thinking of COVID-19 vaccination as fail/not fail, advises The Atlantic’s Katherine J. Wu, and start thinking of a castle.   Using an elaborate, telling analogy of a castle’s protections, Wu explains how the body’s vaccine-fortified defenses work.

News that a malaria vaccine was shown to be more than 75% effective in preventing the dead

It’s impossible to ignore COVID-19. The near misses, though—the epidemics stopped before they spread—often don’t make the news.

COVID-19 has affected the delivery of routine health care and eroded social safety nets around the world—and that has been especially true for vulnerable communities in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Balkans.

More than half of all global COVID-19 deaths reported over the last week were found in the Americas—reporting more than 1.3 million new cases and 37,000 deaths,

Antibody-mediated herd immunity has not been achieved in most regions, according to a

One of the biggest hurdles in COVID-19 vaccine distribution: getting people to take it. Consider Pakistan: 

Tuberculosis is a curable illness, yet it is the top infectious disease killer worldwide. South Africa bears the brunt—the country lost 64,000 people to TB in 2019 alone.   Until recently, TB patients in South Africa—who wear face masks during treatment—also shouldered…

COVID-19 may be dominating the headlines, but people are just as worried about climate change, according to a new Pew Research Center poll spanning 14 countries, 

The pandemic has upended research efforts across the world—how are institutions coping?   Brazil: Lacking government guidance, scientists working on COVID-19 vaccines and diagnostics implemented their own safety measures. They've canceled data collection…