Part of South Africa’s pandemic strategy: banning booze.     The logic was that sober South Africans would be less likely to violently oppose lockdown measures.

The impact of COVID-19 lockdowns is just beginning to be understood.

A pandemic lockdown, school closures, and a shocking 90% unemployment rate have made it easy for youths in Harare to see crystal meth as an escape, 

“It’s been a revolution,” says Judith Breuer, a virologist at University College London.   In just over a year, the virus that causes COVID-19 has become the most sequenced virus of all time. And the pandemic is the first to be tracked in real time.

Coronavirus cases are surging in Iraq amid widespread shirking of restrictions like mask-wearing and doubt about whether the pandemic is real.   New daily cases, which were under 600 a month ago, reached 3,896 on last week. Half of them involve the variant discovered in the…

81,003. That’s the number of overdose deaths the CDC recorded in the 12 months leading up to last June as lockdowns upended lives and gutted addiction treatment services.   It was the most ever recorded in the US in a 12-month period.

India’s spring lockdown left tens of millions of migrant workers with no work or food—and little choice but to board special trains back home. The trains were meant to spare the horrific suffering of migrants, who were dying from thirst, heat, hunger, and exhaustion as…

Contact tracing—with its deceptively simple mantra of “test-trace-isolate”—varies wildly from country to country in strategy and success. 

How will people respond to COVID-19 measures?

Iran’s health workers are exhausted battling the country's third COVID-19 wave, and public health experts are blasting the authorities for ignoring calls for help. Officially, 20,000+ nurses have been infected, and 300+ medical workers have died from Covid…