After decades of effort by the global health community and governments, more women are giving birth in health facilities than ever, and maternal and newborn mortality have declined since 1990.

CHICAGO – Something’s wrong in the Americas: More than half of the world’s 251,000 gun deaths occur in just 6 countries: Brazil, the US, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Guatemala. In addition, 47 of the 50 most violent cities in the world are in North and South America. 

Had the van that smashed into a truck on a Mexican highway, killing 13 and injuring 8, been manufactured for Canada or the US, the wreck might have been less deadly.  

Brazilian soccer star Neymar’s theatrical roll during Monday’s World Cup match against Mexico sparked mockery, launched memes and inspired a KFC commercial in South Africa, USA Today reported.

Separating children from their parents, as we’re seeing at the US/Mexico border, leads to serious, long-term consequences, Paul Spiegel of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health explained in a C-SPAN interview yesterday. The Trump administration’s “zero…

Intro to the Series Part I: Palliative Pain Relief Woefully Inadequate Worldwide reveals that in much of the world, unrelieved suffering is a daily reality.

Pediatrician and activist Marsha Griffin describes herself as a “megaphone” for children and families who cross America’s southern border. She has doubled down since the election of Donald Trump.

Economic free-fall and a shambolic health system have Venezuelans fleeing the country in droves —100,000 applied for asylum worldwide from January 2014-October 2017. For HIV/AIDS patients, spiraling costs and scarce supplies put life-saving medical treatments out of reach…

In Mexico, where incarcerated mothers often keep their children with them, the practice draws mixed reviews. In one facility near Chihuahua City, around 10% of mothers—many of whom landed there as accessories to cartel crimes—are allowed to bring their children inside.

Mexico’s bungled war on organized crime has killed 150,000—and a legion of community police fighting corrupt officials and cartels alike have found themselves in the crosshairs.