Calling him “confused,” President Trump rebuked CDC director Robert Redfield for warning the US Congress yesterday that a vaccine wouldn’t be widely available until mid-2021 Reuters report

For months, White House communications aides have meddled in the CDC’s 

The thing to know about vaccine confidence: It’s highly volatile, and becoming more so, according to new 

There’s a lot of news about which countries’ COVID-19 responses are falling flat.     But in a briefing yesterday, WHO called out countries’ successes, singling out Thailand, Mongolia, Mauritius, and others.  

As normalcy returns to much of China, a “wartime mode” lockdown continues across the Xinjiang region—with some people even locked into their homes with metal bars. “The government has used an ax where a scalpel was needed,” said a 21-year-old resident of Urumqi, where the…

After decades of effort, Africa has kicked wild poliovirus from the continent. 

Yet another issue US teachers are contending with this school year: COVID-19 safety measures that are at odds with plans for active shooter scenarios.   Teachers have been advised to take classes outdoors or mimic outdoor spaces by keeping windows and doors open.   But some…

A Trump administration executive order has blocked the FDA from regulating COVID-19 and certain other lab tests, prompting concern that unreliable coronavirus tests could proliferate and exacerbate the country’s testing crisis, 

Despite pledges to tackle misinformation, Facebook has allowed COVID-19 lies and conspiracies to spread like wildfire on the platform, according to a damning new report by the nonprofit Av

The Darien Gap “a wild, lawless stretch” of jungle between Colombia and Panama, is one of the world's most dangerous migration routes.