Society’s squeamishness about older people’s sex lives is driving a rise in sexually transmitted infections among over-45s, according to a new survey spanning the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands, 

On April 5, former BuzzFeed journalist Patrice Peck sent out the first installment of her brand new newsletter, 

Asia's authoritarian governments are using “extreme measures and unchecked powers” to control populations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a 

With online school largely inaccessible, children in the low- and middle-income countries are being forced into labor—threatening years of progress.   Indian elementary and middle schools are closed indefinitely while reopening the economy remains a top priority.…

American Indians and Alaska Natives have been found to be 

Among the myriad challenges of distributing a COVID-19 vaccine across remote swathes of Africa, South America, and Asia: keeping vaccines cold. Some of the most promising vaccine candidates may need to be stored at “Antarctic-level temperatures.”   Outside of the 25 most…

Crowded, multi-generational homes have become tinderboxes for COVID-19 transmission among Latinos in San Francisco. In the hyper-gentrified Mission District, some single rooms are occupied by 10 people; individuals pay $300 a month to live in a closet.  

COVID-19 easily ranks as the worst global health emergency that the WHO has ever faced, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said today, 

White. Female. Middle class. This profile gets the most attention when it comes to research into eating disorders—in reality they cast a much wider net.

COVID-19’s next devastating consequence: hunger. A collection of food companies, the UN Foundation, and others are warning that COVID-19 could cause the number of people suffering chronic hunger to double in the coming months, The Guardian reports.