Last week, besieged members of the US Congress barricaded themselves from violence—and experienced the terror that hundreds of thousands of American students have endured. 

The mob attack on the US Capitol yesterday left the US and much of the world aghast—a stunning conclusion to a tumultuous election and a scarring year of pain and loss for so many.   But in global health, a crisis in one country cannot be an isolated event, and the…

The masses might have missed it, but on New Year’s Eve, President Trump quietly signed a “holiday miracle” into law: The Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains Act.  

The US EPA has finalized a rule long pursued by President Trump that requires researchers to disclose all raw data before a study can be used to shape public health protections.  

2 disillusioned Trump appointees—former CDC chief of staff Kyle McGowan and his deputy, Amanda Campbell—left the CDC in August and are sharing what they saw:

A CDC official says she was ordered to delete an email suggesting political interference by the White House, 

“It’s the best early birthday present I could wish for…”  

For many of us, “dumpster fire” is just something we say to describe the current state of the world.   But why just trash talk 2020, when you could see it burned live in an actual dumpster fire?  

COVID-19 has sidelined another global crisis that knows no borders: climate change. Except this one has no vaccine.  

Anticipation for a COVID-19 vaccine is mounting amid a flurry of good news, including the “absolutely remarkable” discovery that Moderna’s candidate was 100% protective against severe illness,