If it weren’t for a mechanical failure at a Kansas Dairy Queen in 1958, the iconic ICEE may never have been.   Luckily, enterprising DQ employee Omar Knedlik knew an accidental million dollar idea when he saw it, and soon his slushy frozen sodas were a hit.     Then came…

Cockatoos haven’t made headlines like this since Snowball the avian dancing sensation.

Billionaire Amazon scion Jeff Bezos forked over $5.5 billion this week to fulfill a childhood dream: a 4-minute sojourn into suborbital space.   The problem for many: He came back.  

Like for so many of us, Robby Pepper’s career hasn’t gone as planned.   While his resume bragged that he was among the first humanoid robots able to read emotions, he’s been sacked from numerous jobs: 

The first time GHN took aim at the

While other homeowners were gardening or focusing on their sourdough starter this past year, 86-year-old Florence Fang was upgrading her home with a giant Bigfoot statue and a life-size Wilma Flintstone,

If you ever thought you were invisible to the world, imagine how this Hawaiian shirt must have felt. 

Little did Everett Sotelo know, learning to bake in 2020 would mean not buttoning his pants for a wedding in 2021.

It all started back in 2014 with a run-of-the-mill teen drama: “My parents wanted me to change clothes… but I wanted to wear the track suit.”   Then-14 Andres Canto, of Alicante, Spain, saw only one way to settle the score: grab his grandfather’s pickaxe and dig a giant…

It sounds like a cruel punishment: Parading around town for 9 hours in a head-to-toe suit of nature’s Velcro with only 3 holes—1 for whisky and 2 for seeing.