The global shipping debacle still unfolding in the Suez Canal can be summed up in one movie reference: 

It finally makes sense. When the Beatles wrote the trippy track “I Am the Walrus” for their 1967 Magical Mystery Tour album, they were merely prophesying 1 creature’s transatlantic nap 5 decades later.  

One could be forgiven for seeing a decapitated sea slug and concluding, “I guess it’s all over.”   Turns out… it may just be the beginning of an extreme makeover.

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: Who won Science’s 14th annual “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest, mastering a coveted crossover between science and art? Call them The Geek-stie Boys.   A trio of University of Helsinki atmospheric scientists “Finn-ished” strong (sorry!) with…

Leave it to Germany to take stock of pandemic life and conclude: we need to make some new words.  

We’ve all seen YouTube ambience videos of a crackling fire or just some puppies running around.  

If you can’t find anyone to play video games with, it turns out the nearest pig is always an option.  

How did a 5-year old experiment become an internet sensation?   Because it’s about spinach sending emails.  

Vaccine teams are braving snow and sleet to get COVID-19 vaccines into arms—literally.   Carrying doses on a deadline, a vaccination team found themselves stuck in a massive snowstorm traffic jam outside Grants Pass, Oregon this week.  With vaccines due to expire within…

Wednesday’s drama-drenched presidential inauguration offered high pageantry, soaring eloquence, and some great fashion.  But nothing stood out quite like the hand-made mittens, Burton parka, and an icy glare of Bernie Sanders.