A thin-on-details—and funding—pledge from G7 leaders to wipe out Ebola and fight future pandemics largely disappointed public health advocates.

Modern housing for people living in high-risk areas could cut malaria risk nearly in half, according to a new study in the Malaria Journal.

As South Korea’s MERS outbreak climbed to nearly 100 cases, and 7 people have died, scientists are on the job to figure out what is fueling its spread.

South Korea reported a rise in MERS infections to 87, and its 6th fatality from the illness—an 80-year-old man. The authorities shut down nearly 2,000 schools, and announced plans to track 2,500 people under quarantine through their cellphones.

About 40,000 people in Saudi Arabia have probably contracted the virus in the past decade, and never even knew they had it, revealed a study in the Lancet.

Ebola may have receded in Liberia, but it still exacts a heavy toll on a buckled health system struggling with new crises. More women are dying in childbirth in both Sierra Leone and Liberia, which already had soaring maternal mortality rates. After Ebola cut off…

A recent spike in cases—to about 1,000 per week—threatens to reverse gains to stomp out cholera in Haiti. The surge delivers a stark reminder of the work that remains after UN peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti in 2010. A Washington Post editorial looks squarely at…

The new documentary “Every Last Child” gives a street-level view of the polio crisis in Pakistan, where a WHO vaccine initiative finds itself and its employees at risk from a toxic mix of politics, propaganda and terrorism. The Taliban’s brutal violence stuns Elias Durry,…

While much has been written about the link between highway-borne truckers and HIV in Africa, there’s an earlier and still current corollary: riverboats and other infectious diseases like dengue.

The largest outbreak of MERS outside the Arabian peninsula has South Korea shutting down 200 primary schools, cancelling some public events and putting more than 1,300 people in various levels of quarantine.