After decades of effort by the global health community and governments, more women are giving birth in health facilities than ever, and maternal and newborn mortality have declined since 1990.

Alabama is among 9 states to recently pass super-restrictive abortion laws. While for now abortions are still legal before 20 weeks, they aren’t easy to come by and face relentless, sometimes violent opposition. Clinics offering abortions in the South and the Midwest fell…

Two years after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the territory has seen a major decline in abortions—possibly a consequence of a family planning care system left in tatters long after the storm.

More than 220 million people worldwide suffer from schistosomiasis, and the infection is well known in the global health community.

Nearly 80 organizations have endorsed a new strategy to advance sexual and reproductive health policies in the U.S. and the world.  

A new AI gaming genre simulates the harrowing choice of whether to have an abortion—and the myriad obstacles that can stand in the way.   One game—Trapped—recreates a “Kafkaesque series of rules” that can come with pursuing an abortion. Another game, Choice: Texas,…

The US aid ban on groups that offer abortion services overseas has led to 40% higher abortion rates in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the largest empirical study of the Mexico City policy, published in the Lancet.  

Africa’s first summit aimed at ending female genital mutilation and child marriage in Dakar, Senegal this week brought calls to step up law enforcement and gain support from religious leaders.  

VANCOUVER—Crowds sometimes thin by a conference’s closing plenary. Not so with Women Deliver 2019. The world’s biggest conference on gender equality closed with a bang yesterday, amid jubilant cheers, rousing performances, and ambitious pledges.

VANCOUVER—The number one killer of women during childbirth is severe postpartum hemorrhage—capable of killing an otherwise healthy woman in less than 2 hours if she does not receive care. That gives health care workers precious little time to act—and in low-resource…