US overdose deaths involving fentanyl “increased sharply” in 2019 and 2020, particularly in the Midwest, West, and South, according to the CDC.    Other findings in the report: 

One of the most pivotal failures in the US’s early response to COVID-19 was the CDC’s distribution of faulty coronavirus tests to labs nationwide. In a special report, Dan Vergano at BuzzFeed News puts this debacle under the microscope, using federal investigation records…

As the Delta variant swept through the US, vaccine effectiveness at preventing infection fell from about 90% to 66%, according to 

The CDC has put into a motion a plan to better forecast disease threats using real-time data and analytics.  

Worrisome data on breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated in the US persuaded the Biden administration to embrace a COVID-19 booster strategy that will start as early as mid-September, 

The Biden administration extended a public health order allowing border officials to quickly expel asylum-seeking refugees yesterday, drawing protest from human rights organizations,

New CDC data has put the lie to the notion that vaccinated people aren’t spreading the Delta variant,

Chilling new research about the transmissibility and severity of the Delta variant drove the CDC’s about-face decision on Wednesday that urged mask use indoors for everyone,

Washington has backpedaled its relaxed mask guidance, and is poised to announce a vaccine mandate for federal employees and contractors today,

The CDC has identified the first cases of a dangerous, drug-resistant fungal infection in previously untreated people in the US.