Measles—one of the most contagious diseases—is on a rampage thanks to falling vaccination levels.

A “humanitarian disaster.” And: “covid-hell.”

Following Pfizer's news that its COVID-19 vaccine shows 90% efficacy, Russia rushed to report that its Sputnik V vaccine candidate shows 92% efficacy, 

The CDC released its strongest guidance yet on face coverings yesterday, underscoring

President-elect Joe Biden knows he has his work cut out for him.   “Even if I win, it's going to take a lot of hard work to end this pandemic,” he said late last month.  

The whimsy and escapism of Halloween would be the perfect reprieve from a grim year—were it not for all the crowds and communal cauldrons of candy, 

As US coronavirus hospitalizations surge, a new CDC study quantifies what health workers

While some in the US continue to assert that America’s COVID-19 death count—now 200,000+—is overblown, it's not. How do we know?  

White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Deborah Birx has been praised as a data-driven task master. She has also aggressively undermined the CDC and sometimes pushed the president’s position over scientific consensus, a Science investigation found.   The most…

Scientists can bite their tongues no longer as the US hurtles toward a high-stakes elections during the worst public health crisis in a lifetime.