The Biden administration extended a public health order allowing border officials to quickly expel asylum-seeking refugees yesterday, drawing protest from human rights organizations,

New CDC data has put the lie to the notion that vaccinated people aren’t spreading the Delta variant,

Chilling new research about the transmissibility and severity of the Delta variant drove the CDC’s about-face decision on Wednesday that urged mask use indoors for everyone,

Washington has backpedaled its relaxed mask guidance, and is poised to announce a vaccine mandate for federal employees and contractors today,

The CDC has identified the first cases of a dangerous, drug-resistant fungal infection in previously untreated people in the US.

New COVID-19 cases in the US have nearly tripled in the last 2 weeks, hitting 37,000 on Tuesday and pushing exhausted health workers to their limits once again, the

COVID-19’s mental health toll on health care workers has been documented—but what about public health workers? A new CDC survey shows that they experienced impacts comparable to other health workers. 

The results are in: US scientists found a “likely association” between COVID-19 vaccines and heightened risk of rare heart issues in adolescents and young adults, according to new data presented to the CDC Wednesday, 

Leaders of the G-7 industrialized nations are expected to pledge 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses today in a move that will help low- and middle-income countries but still fall short of—and arrive later than—what’s needed. 

The CDC is investigating rare reports of heart inflammation in young people soon after COVID-19 vaccination—though the number of cases of myocarditis is small and has not exceeded expected baseline rates,