One possibility: US regulators could follow the lead of Europe, which limited the AstraZeneca vaccine to certain age groups; or it may add cautionary clauses,

Ravaged by new surges, Brazil is now the pandemic’s epicenter as daily deaths top 3,000 and the health system is collapsing,

Mounting research has shown pregnant women fare worse than their nonpregnant counterparts when it comes to COVID-19.   One promising finding is that the virus rarely crosses over to the fetus.

Some long-haul COVID-19 patients are reporting post-jab improvements.

A decade after the start of the Syrian civil war, a “Syrian PTSD crisis” has taken hold, according to a 

Superspreader events have long been recognized as a key player in this pandemic.  

Children—who have largely been spared from the worst effects of COVID-19—are at the back of the vaccine line,

Good News: A new collaboration is seeking to upend the current gene therapies approach for sickle cell disease.

Last week, 73% of people in Argentina said they would definitely or probably choose to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if it were offered to them. But that number doesn’t tell the whole story.

The exclusion of pregnant and lactating women from COVID-19 vaccine trials poses difficult questions for families considering getting pregnant.  It’s still not known whether the shots are safe for expectant mothers, writes Anna Louie Sussman in The New Yorker.