Police are not mental health professionals, but they have become the de facto first responders for mental health crises—with troubling consequences. Officers spend some 60 hours learning to use guns but an average of just 8 hours of “Crisis Intervention Training.” Yet a …

In wealthier countries, running out of medical oxygen “is all but unthinkable for a resource that literally can be pulled from the air,” the AP reports. But in low-resource countries, it is expensive and in short supply, with soaring demand amid the pandemic.

Black Medicare patients with COVID-19 are nearly 4X as likely as whites to end up in a hospital, NPR Shots reports, citing federal billing records data released yesterday.

Denise Almeida had to visit 5 doctors in Belém, Brazil, to get an accurate diagnosis: leprosy.  

Immunity to the novel coronavirus may not be as complete and long lasting as hoped for, according to new 2 studies—1 with a small number of participants and another that hasn’t been peer reviewed.

Could existing polio vaccines be used to fight coronavirus?   Researchers—including Robert Gallo, who helped discover HIV—are seeking funding to test their theory, making their case in Science this week.   They argue that live attenuated vaccines can trigger “interferon and…

The WHO called into question the extent that asymptomatic people are spreading COVID-19, launching a global debate, The Hill reports.

If you thought injecting disinfectant to cure COVID-19 was the most asinine medical suggestion of all time, imagine trying to cure the plague with a lozenge made of powdered toad and toad vomit.    

One of the biggest questions around an eventual COVID-19 vaccine: Will it be equitably deployed throughout the world?   Inspired by previous efforts around Ebola and pneumococcal vaccines,

Goodbye, communal snack stashes and handshakes. Hello, face covers and driving to the office alone instead of carpooling. This is how the CDC views the future of work.