Pinpointing SARS-CoV-2’s animal origins is key to preventing a similar outbreak—but China has kept the search “shrouded in secrecy” from the get-go, resisting outside scrutiny, blocking probes of discrepancies, and dictating the terms of WHO involvement.   Concessions were…

The title says it all: “Whoever Finds a Vaccine Must Share It.”  

Schools don’t appear to be the COVID-19 superspreaders they were once feared to be, according to data emerging from random testing in the US and the UK, 

The researchers behind an ill-fated HIV vaccine have published a letter in The Lancet 

Remdesivir and other treatments had little-to-no effect on mortality, duration of hospital stays, or the need for ventilators among COVID-19 patients, according to interim results of the

Marie Stopes South Africa was conducting 2,000+ abortions per month before the pandemic. When caseloads plummeted under lockdown, they sought ways to help women avoid unsafe procedures, writes Melusi Dhlamini, director of clinical services for the organization.  

Right now, people with mental health problems across the globe are living in shackles. Some have been for years—some on their family’s property.   There is no robust data on the practice nor has there been concerted global effort to end it.

President Trump delivered the news himself via a late-night tweet: He and his wife Melania have tested positive for COVID-19.  

Each year, 38 millions deaths occur without being added to any permanent record, but COVID-19 has heavily underscored the need for all deaths to be properly registered.   Counting deaths properly is "the GPS" to better global health, illuminating risk factors and the…

Sweet relief for testing systems dogged by delays: A $5 test that can diagnose COVID-19 in 30 minutes or less—without specialized staff or medical equipment,