An 8-year effort to test the rigor of 50 influential cancer lab experiments found that half of the scientific claims in those studies didn’t hold up, 

Since the start of the pandemic, researchers have tried to understand why people who are overweight and obese have been especially vulnerable to COVID-19’s most severe effects.  They now have new clues. A recent preprint study found that the coronavirus infects fat cells…

60% of the 55 million families affected by Alzheimer’s globally live in low- and middle-income countries—yet the vast majority of genetic research on the disease has been limited to westerners.

There are several medications used to treat opioid use disorder—but about half of those who take them relapse within about 6 months.  

The environment is bearing a heavy burden of collateral damage from the pandemic—in the form of PPE waste.  

While headlines have been trained on the crisis in India and recovery in the US and Europe, South America is in the midst of “a silent decimation by COVID unlike that anywhere else in the world,” 

Dengue cases were slashed 77% in a new trial infecting mozzies with the “miraculous” Wolbachia bacteria that hinders the virus’s progression.  

Novavax, a small US drug maker, is relatively unknown. But their first-ever vaccine—for COVID-19—proved as effective as big-name competitors in a UK trial. The company is preparing to file for authorization in the US and India. South Korea is already aiming for local…

Children make up a rising portion of new US COVID-19 cases–reaching nearly 21% last week, the

New research delivers troubling signs that drug-resistant mutations in a malaria parasite may be gaining traction in Rwanda,