When Peter Hessler returned to teaching at China’s Sichuan University in the midst of a national lockdown, his task was to teach a nonfiction writing class—a cohort he describes as the “Children of the Coronavirus.”   From students’ field assignments, he learned a huge…

Young Americans who vape were up to 7X more likely to receive a COVID-19 diagnosis than non-vapers, according to a national online survey by Stanford researchers.

Children—especially Black and Hispanic children—are vulnerable to severe COVID-19, according to a 

In the great debate about school reopening, questions swirl around whether kids can spread the virus to their caregivers.  

Infections play a role in 54% of child deaths in low-income countries, according to the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance network published in The Lancet Global Health.

COVID-19’s collateral damage could drive up the global child mortality rate for the first time in 6 decades, The Washington Post reports, citing a 

Doctors in Europe and New York are following dozens of cases of an unusual illness in children that may be linked to COVID-19.  They are calling it “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome,” The New York Times reports.  

The largest study to date of children in China shows that while most children infected with the SARS-CoV2 virus escaped with mild to moderate symptoms, a small percentage became seriously ill.

Children are freezing to death as their families flee Idlib, Syria’s last opposition stronghold, The New York Times reports.   Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has all but claimed victory in the 9-year year conflict as people scramble to escape escalating airstrikes and…

Ample research cites unequal distribution of child mortality according to wealth, geography, and education. Yet few studies address ethnicity, write Joanna R.M. Armstrong Schellenberg and Della Berhanu of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.