Rates of teen depression have spiraled in the past decade—mental health researchers believe social media may have a large role to play,

COVID-19 researchers have focused heavily on adults—but evidence suggests children may also develop long COVID, even if they showed no symptoms while infected.  

US schools desperate to make air safer for kids are being hard-sold unproven air cleaning technologies that may do more harm than good, a Kaiser Health News investigation found.   Warning signs:

Children make up a rising portion of new US COVID-19 cases–reaching nearly 21% last week, the

Most midwives in Tijuana, Mexico weren’t used to delivering high-risk pregnancies—but that changed when hospitals began rejecting pregnant mothers, citing COVID-19 restrictions. One midwife, as a result, saw her first newborn death after 35 years of practice.

Behind so many COVID-19 deaths: The children who’ve lost parents to the disease—nearly 40,000 of them in the US alone, according to a new 

The pandemic has led to worse outcomes for yet another vulnerable group: moms and their babies, according to a new

Children with life-threatening illnesses need psychosocial support and palliative care to alleviate pain and suffering—but sometimes, resources are maxed out on medical needs.   That’s true in many parts of South Africa, where just 8 organizations provide pediatric…

Bangladesh’s Second Public Health Photo Contest winners reveal stark public health challenges—from food insecurity, to the lack of housing options in megacities like Dhaka, to the scarcity of safe drinking water. They also illuminate—in vivid, vibrant detail—photography’s…

Pediatricians are seeing a concerning rise in severe cases of a complex COVID-linked syndrome known as