While some in the US continue to assert that America’s COVID-19 death count—now 200,000+—is overblown, it's not. How do we know?  

The US COVID-19 death rate exceeds 18 other comparable countries, and the death rate from all causes in the US jumped sharply since the spring, 

Extreme weather events and other disasters over the past 20 years have become more common and more costly, pushing millions of people toward “an uninhabitable hell.” according to 

COVID-19 has spawned mental health crisis among Somalis living in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee complex. They are already serving “a life sentence in one of the harshest places on earth.” One clinic reports rising attempted suicides and a 50% increase in psychosocial…

COVID-19 deaths passed the 1 million mark yesterday, just 9 months into the pandemic:

Tomorrow, 60 years and the dream of 4 generations ends when the Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie, Maryland closes. 

Nearly 15 million people in 127 countries have been newly displaced in 2020, according to a Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre report released today.

US COVID-19 deaths surpassed 200,000 yesterday—the highest anywhere.  

Devastating wildfires have cloaked the US West Coast in filthy air that has now reached the East Coast and even Europe, 

About 100 wildfires are currently raging across the western US, killing at least 16 people—a death toll likely to rise—and razing ~4.4 million acres so far,