Amid relentless fighting in Tigray, Eritrean soldiers and local fighters are “using food as a weapon of war,” by deliberately blocking supplies to the more than 1 million people in areas outside government control, according to Mark Lowcock, the UN's top humanitarian…

Comedian Jensen Karp went viral recently after finding some mysterious interlopers in his beloved Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Shrimp tails?

How did a 5-year old experiment become an internet sensation?   Because it’s about spinach sending emails.  

For many in Latin America, it’s either not enough food or too much of the wrong food, with both malnutrition and obesity plaguing the poorest communities.  

The average person spends less than 10 seconds reading food labels when they are shopping for groceries, and that is not lost on the food industry.  

Despite a global pledge to banish hunger by 2030, the scourge has been steadily rising since 2014 after decades of progress, warns the WHO’s latest

Misuse of food additives and chemicals is putting millions of lives at risk in sub-Saharan Africa, but informal markets and a lack of oversight make “food fraud” hard to regulate.   One chemical, Gamalin, is used to kill fish by poisoning water. Formalin—a highly toxic…

White. Female. Middle class. This profile gets the most attention when it comes to research into eating disorders—in reality they cast a much wider net.

The majority of people in the world cannot afford healthy food, according to the Global Nutrition Report 2020. The report was written before the coronavirus pandemic—but the global crisis only makes the findings more significant.  

The economic fallout from COVID-19 is on track to create a “hunger pandemic” that could kill more people than the virus itself, World Food Programme chief David Beasley warns, AP reports.   As ever, developing nations will be hit hardest. Without swift intervention, “…