UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson struck an 11th-hour Brexit deal last night with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker ahead of the EU summit today. But Britons abroad are still on tenterhooks about their health care.

A Ugandan bill known as “Kill the Gays” that imposes the death penalty for homosexuality is expected to pass in parliament, according to a government minister. The proposed legislation also criminalizes those involved in advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights under “promotion and…

When it came to health care in last night’s Democratic primary debate, “The gloves came off and the knives came out,” Olga Khazan writes in The Atlantic. The debate boiled down to sweeping change versus more moderate reforms. Highlights:

It sounds like promising news: The US and the Taliban are in talks to halt almost 2 decades of fighting in Afghanistan.   But when troops withdraw, what will happen to the aid that one of the world’s poorest countries relies on?  

In last night’s second Democratic primary debate, health care proved a contentious issue sure to divide and define candidates.

President Trump’s proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program could save $9.3 billion over 5 years. Critics say low-income working families and elderly people would be hit hardest.  

Mexican scientists are bristling at their new president’s walk back of campaign promises to support science and technology. The measures could force Mexican scientists to rely on foreign grants or take their research elsewhere.

President Trump heartily defended his environmental record yesterday in a sweeping address, baffling critics who noted his rollback of dozens of policies geared toward environmental and human health.   The speech comes amid reports that US air quality is getting worse while…

In the last 2 decades, more than 30 countries moved from low-income to middle-income status, a billion people were lifted out of poverty, and there were major reductions in maternal and child mortality globally. Despite this progress, middle-income countries, where over 70…

Even health-savvy voters are unclear on the health policy proposals of candidates and elected officials. The Kaiser Family Foundation convened focus groups of active voters in Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania. Takeaways included: