Yes, cigarette smoking remains the top cause of lung cancer—but for the 12% of US lung cancer patients who’ve never smoked, the diagnosis comes as a particular shock, reports STAT’s Sharon Begley.   And she would know. On January 16, Begley, herself a never-smoker, died of…

As the global  population ages, rising demand for eye health services is not being met, according to a Lancet Global Health update on the burden of blindness.  

The average person spends less than 10 seconds reading food labels when they are shopping for groceries, and that is not lost on the food industry.  

The WHO unveiled a new 3-par

During COVID-19’s onslaught in April 2020, an undocumented patient called our clinic seeking a COVID-19 test so that she could return to work. Further questioning revealed she’d recently developed a cough and fever, and that she works in close proximity to multiple people—…

Investing in mental health. The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day—held every year on October 10—speaks to the growing acknowledgment of a massive global need. While gaps in mental health care have been exacerbated by the isolation, anxiety, and service…

A landmark study from Sweden confirms the huge benefits of the HPV vaccine in preventing cervical cancer itself—not just cellular changes that can lead to cervical cancer.  

The global agenda on noncommunicable diseases and injuries needs an urgent upgrade to meet the needs and rights of the “poorest billion,” according to a new report from 

For children fighting cancer at St.

We are thrilled to congratulate Mariet Benade and Eunice Kilonzo, the winners of the Untold Global Health Stories of 2020 contest.