Tewodros Tefera—a surgeon and father—is one of 60,000+ people who have fled ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.   Since entering Sudan, he has worked nonstop treating patients with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society—without running water or electricity.   Fresh from…

Fewer than 2,000 South Koreans have

Brazil, one of the hardest-hit nations throughout much of the pandemic, has clocked more than 10 million cases and over 250,000 deaths—a death toll second only to the US.

A new Ebola outbreak has been declared in Guinea, marking the first cases reported there since West Africa’s devastating outbreak ended in 2016, WHO reports.   7 people fell ill after attending the burial of a nurse on February 1, and at least 3 people have died, The New…

As Brazil battles one of the world’s deadliest coronavirus outbreaks, it can be proud of progress tackling another deadly global public health challenge. Following 6 years of extraordinary efforts, Fortaleza has met a 2020 UN goal to reduce road traffic fatalities by 50%.

Amid complaints of shortages and patchy supply chains, the Biden administration has announced a surge in deliveries to US states in the coming weeks, AP reports.   With a new round of purchasing from Pfizer and Moderna, the administration says there will be enough vaccines…

With a new president in the White House, many expect the US to reclaim its position as a leader in global health. But this begs an important question.  Should any one nation, especially from the Global North, presume to lead global health? 

For many detainees in US immigration facilities, the coronavirus was impossible to avoid. They were sleeping 3 feet apart with 36 people in a room.

“The virus took Grandma Delores first, silencing an 86-year-old voice that rang with Lakota songs and stories.”  

“While there’s no one-size-fits all approach to solving health emergencies, we do know this: accurate, easily available data is key,” says Jonathan Quick, MD, MPH, managing director of he Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Response, Preparedness, and Prevention Initiative.