With 12,000+ migrants congregating near a Texas-Mexico bridge, the US has taken aggressive steps to deter future migrants.

Rising sea levels, water scarcity and declining crop productivity could displace 216 million people within their own countries by 2050—hitting the world’s poorest countries the hardest, a World Bank report released this week shows.    

Refugees—living in crowded conditions ripe for the spread of the virus—are at high risk for COVID-19 but low priority for vaccines.

Migrants and refugees from Venezuela have been flooding across the porous Colombian border as Venezuela’s crisis deepens—and the situation has gotten much more dire in the past 6 months.   UNHCR camps are overflowing and now surrounded by informal settlements that, in the…

A trio of reports released yesterday highlight global issues connected to refugees, asylum seekers, and human trafficking:  

The pandemic did not stem the tide of global displacement—but instead may have stranded would-be refugees and asylum seekers in 2020, according to the UN Refugee Agency 

Hundreds of children are feared missing or separated from their families after thousands in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo fled the eruption of the notorious Mount Nyiragongo, 

Most midwives in Tijuana, Mexico weren’t used to delivering high-risk pregnancies—but that changed when hospitals began rejecting pregnant mothers, citing COVID-19 restrictions. One midwife, as a result, saw her first newborn death after 35 years of practice.

A decade after the start of the Syrian civil war, a “Syrian PTSD crisis” has taken hold, according to a 

The masses might have missed it, but on New Year’s Eve, President Trump quietly signed a “holiday miracle” into law: The Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains Act.