Despite pledges to tackle misinformation, Facebook has allowed COVID-19 lies and conspiracies to spread like wildfire on the platform, according to a damning new report by the nonprofit Av

It may be hard to imagine, but this year’s hajj pilgrimage—an event that normally brings 2 million+ Muslims worshippers a year to the sacred city of Mecca—began yesterday with will only about 1,000 lucky pilgrims, 

As COVID-19 cases rocket upward, the White House is facing blowback from an apparent campaign to take down Anthony Fauci a notch or two.

Despite a global pledge to banish hunger by 2030, the scourge has been steadily rising since 2014 after decades of progress, warns the WHO’s latest

On top of everyday responsibilities like maintaining clean water, state and local health departments face a massive burden in responding to COVID-19.   Andy they're doing it with fewer resources, not more. An AP/Kaiser Health News investigation found: 

A Mexican health worker beaten at a bus stop. A Yemeni doctor threatened for not having a ventilator available. In Afghanistan, quarantined patients attack hospital staff in an effort to escape.   Amid COVID-19, death threats and violence are part of health workers’ daily…

Many African countries face a “catastrophic shortage” of medical professionals as cases are rising fast, the Africa CDC warns. The continent's cases more than tripled in June—while infections among health care workers jumped 203% since late May, according to the…

A racist game played by ER staff in British Columbia—guessing the blood alcohol levels of Indigenous patients—is alarming but not surprising, CBC reports.  

From Anthony Fauci to local health officials, public health officials are being threatened for doing their jobs: advising the public and enforcing coronavirus containment measures, CNN reports.   The threats are happening in red and blue states alike, and in both rural and…

What if the COVID-19 pandemic had been stopped before it started?