A federal bankruptcy judge has conditionally greenlit a $10 billion settlement that dissolves Purdue Pharma and shield the disgraced Sackler family from further lawsuits related to the opioid crisis, PBS NewsHour reports.  

COVID-19 has affected the delivery of routine health care and eroded social safety nets around the world—and that has been especially true for vulnerable communities in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Balkans.

As India attempts to roll back the national lockdown, one of the first moves of the state governments has been to open up the liquor stores.

Replacing bar meetups with virtual happy hours might offer a much-needed salve during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but downing too much alcohol could also reduce your immune system’s ability to fight off infectious diseases, according to numerous studies.

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“You can’t arrest your way out of the problem.”  Nowadays we hear this all the time about drug use. People have finally realized that arrest and incarceration isn’t the solution to drug use in our communities.  In fact, they have just made things worse.

Doctors must step up to protect people with drug-use problems in the current political climate, Pamela Das and Richard Horton urge in a Lancet editorial.  

Across the US, the number of babies born in drug withdrawal has spiraled. As they become school age, teachers are facing challenges for which there is no steadfast protocol. “They’re just these damaged little brains that are not psychologically ready to learn,” says…

 “Alcohol advertising is not a harmless brand-promoting activity,” write the University of Cape Town's Leslie London and colleagues who researched the issue in an urban and rural area of South Africa. Easy access to alcohol and exposure to alcohol ads take a heavy toll on…

Little is known about marijuana’s medicinal or injurious effects, which complicates the drug’s shifting legal status. Some studies hint at relief for patients dealing with chronic pain or anxiety. Some indicate higher levels of violence and possible correlative opioid…