From January to June of this year, the world reported 364,808 measles cases—more than any year since 2006, the WHO reports.Key Findings:

The World Food Programme and Yemen’s Houthi rebels say they’re close to a deal to lift the UN’s partial suspension of humanitarian aid, Reuters reported Saturday.   The June 20 restrictions flowed from the WFP’s concerns that humanitarian aid was being diverted from…

A year ago today, the WHO confirmed the first 4 Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s latest outbreak. Back then, hopes were high that a vaccine could squash the outbreak quickly. Experts now say it could drag on for months or years, NPR reports.

China now has its own global health meeting—dubbed “China’s Davos”—in keeping with the country’s expanding global health reach, report Ilona Kickbusch and Gabriel Leung.    

The WHO’s 7th tobacco report was a mixed bag, praising progress in fighting smoking, but calling out countries lagging on implementing MPOWER tobacco control measures.

The World Health Assembly wants to see viral hepatitis eliminated as a public health threat by 2030. What exactly would that cost?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s health minister, Oly Olunga, has resigned after President Felix Tshisekedi removed him as head of the response to the country's Ebola response. In a year-long outbreak that has killed over 1,700 people, some experts welcomed the change…

A WHO emergency committee is meeting this morning to consider for a fourth time whether to declare the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo a public health emergency of international concern, CIDRAP reports. A decision is expected any moment.  

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are appealing for calm after the death of the first recorded Ebola patient in the key transit city of Goma, France24 reports.  

World hunger has risen for 3 years straight even as obesity and overweight continue to climb across the board, according to a new WHO report with sobering implications for achieving the SDG of Zero Hunger by 2030. This year’s report added a new indicator for measuring…