The WHO has deployed response teams in Cameroon after 16 confirmed and suspected cases of monkeypox were reported from 30 April-30 May 2018. The rare zoonosis sporadically appears in Central and West Africa’s forested areas. 

Governments around the world will not reach the Sustainable Development Goal of sharply reducing premature deaths unless “urgent action” is taken, according to a WHO report published today in The Lancet.

Since the West African Ebola outbreak, a slew of guidelines and a vaccine have surfaced to fight the disease. Right now, a robust response is underway to curb the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s latest outbreak. Yet official surgical guidance from the WHO and the US CDC…

Testing a vaccine rollout during an emergency presents special challenges, but that is the task underway for the WHO, MSF, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s ministry of health, detailed in an intriguing perspective by Charlotte J. Haug.

GENEVA – The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to worsen with an updated total of 58 cases and 27 deaths, according to new data announced this morning at the World Health Assembly.

GENEVA – One reason that interventions for noncommunicable diseases don’t garner sufficient global attention and funding is that counting deaths alone isn’t persuasive. 40 million NCD deaths each year is a massive tragedy, but repeatedly citing mortality data doesn’t seem…

The first urban case of Ebola has been confirmed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—marking a concerning “new phase of the Ebola outbreak,” said Congolese health minister Oly Ilunga Kalenga.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is set to deploy an experimental vaccine against its ongoing Ebola outbreak as early as this week, the WHO announced Sunday. The outbreak's proximity to major waterways means it could spread quickly if not contained. Approved under…

A fresh Ebola outbreak has killed 17 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in what the country’s health ministry is calling a "public health emergency with international impact." 

From drivers straining to see the road to children who can’t see their textbooks, those in dire need for eyeglasses have taken a backseat to more complex global health priorities, like infectious diseases.