A coalition of public health groups has set a deadline of 2030 to do away with dog-mediated rabies, which accounts for 99% of cases of the dreaded disease. While rabies is preventable, it is endemic in over 150 countries and kills 59,000 people each year. 

Gaming disorder is expected to be added to the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases next year, as worries mount about the addictive quality of the pastime embraced by some 2.6 billion people worldwide.

Disease data reporting has come a long way since 16th century London’s weekly Bills of Mortality. Now we have the WHO’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, providing a common vocabulary to record and report causes of disease and…

Mental health resources are not keeping pace with need and fail to align with human rights conventions, found the WHO's Mental Health Atlas 2017, pointing to major gaps in community-based services.

Since the West African Ebola outbreak, a slew of guidelines and a vaccine have surfaced to fight the disease. Right now, a robust response is underway to curb the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s latest outbreak. Yet official surgical guidance from the WHO and the US CDC…

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is testing an emergency funding finance mechanism set up after West Africa’s 2013-2016 epidemic by the World Bank, Japan, and Germany.

3 Ebola patients recently left the isolation ward at Mbandaka’s Wangata Hospital against medical advice, as the DRC's latest Ebola outbreak reaches the city of 1.2 million.

The World Health Assembly passed a resolution on snakebites last night, The Week reported, which advocates hope will improve research and access to antivenoms by the poor areas affected most deeply.

Testing a vaccine rollout during an emergency presents special challenges, but that is the task underway for the WHO, MSF, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s ministry of health, detailed in an intriguing perspective by Charlotte J. Haug.

GENEVA – The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to worsen with an updated total of 58 cases and 27 deaths, according to new data announced this morning at the World Health Assembly.