It’s perfectly normal for viruses to mutate—but most of these changes are about as consequential as typos on a page (though we hate to see those!).  

A startling statistic: “If the health sector globally were a country, it would be the fifth [largest] emitter of greenhouse gases,” says Susan Wilburn of Care Without Harm.  

A controversial new study out of Denmark has found that wearing surgical masks did little to protect wearers from contracting COVID-19—clashing 

It’s been a big month for Loyce Pace.   Last week, she was appointed to President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board—but as she pointed out on Twitter, “I still very much have a day job”—as president and executive director of Global Health Council. 

21 million Americans may keep their Affordable Care Act health insurance after 2 conservative justices opened the path for striking down the requirement to buy insurance—but not entire law, 

With economies in freefall, people desperate for income are increasingly turning to social media to sell organs on the so-called “red market.”   Even before the pandemic, less than 10% of the global demand for donated organs was being met annually—COVID-19 disruptions to…

The dominant origin story of Alzheimer’s focuses on the build-up of amyloid protein “clumps” on the brain.  

“Cluster-busting” approach to contact tracing has paid dividends in Japan and elsewhere in Asia—and is gaining attention in the West, 

The title says it all: “Whoever Finds a Vaccine Must Share It.”