When the first COVID-19 vaccines became available, first responders—police, firefighters, etc.—were placed at the front of the line.   But now: Many are pushing back against vaccine mandates—and the virus is now the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths for US law…

230+ medical journals have united in publishing an unprecedented joint statement warning leaders worldwide that climate change is the “greatest threat” to global public health and requires the same laser focus given to COVID-19.  

This summer, 22 graduate science writing students at Johns Hopkins immersed themselves in reporting on health disparities. They read deeply and met with STAT reporter Nicholas St.

Hurricane Ida slammed Louisiana on Sunday—the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina—triggering flash flooding and striking a region already struggling against COVID-19, The Washington Post reports.  

The rapid US departure from Afghanistan is leaving much behind: Humvees, equipment, gear, a host of health issues for the country—and children.  

“It felt like a time-warp.” That’s how Dayanne Darnier, director of the Haitian-based nonprofit Fleur de Vie, described the August 14 earthquake that devastated southern Haiti. Fear engulfed her as she watched the ground outside her building vigorously shaking. It was the…

Haitians are scrambling to pull the injured from rubble left by Saturday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake as the number of dead reached 1,300,

The wildfires sweeping the Western US are contributing directly to the pandemic, according to a new

On the evening of August 4, 2020, a blast ripped through Beirut, killing at least 214 people—22 of them at St. George Hospital, one of the country’s oldest medical centers.   The trauma of that day still lingers for those who survived.

Devastating floods swept through China’s Henan province, killing more than 2 dozen people—including 12 trapped in an underground subway tunnel yesterday,