Data visualizations have been key to COVID-19 public messaging—but “counter-visualizations”  have been leveraged by coronavirus skeptics and anti-maskers.  

After initially rejecting Johnson & Johnson vaccines—saying they were “very good” but “not as good” as the Moderna and Pfizer’s—Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan walked back his statement, 

60,000+ people have fled Ethiopia’s Tigray region for Sudan, after months of conflict culminated in civilian massacres, destruction of health facilities, and a humanitarian crisis with at least 1 million displaced,

If you can’t convince public health workers to get vaccinated, you’ve got a problem.  

Disparities in the virus’s toll are being mirrored in Florida’s vaccine rollout.  

Over the past decade, the Pennsylvania countryside has become a hotbed of fracking.   Many families—mostly poor and rural—have no idea what living near fracking wells, pipelines, and compressor stations means for their health.

Some long-haul COVID-19 patients are reporting post-jab improvements.

At least 14 people have died of an unidentified flu-like illness in Kasongo-Lunda, in the DRC province of Kwango, 

“Unacceptable”: More than 430 million people globally live with serious, unaddressed, and often preventable hearing loss, according to the WHO’s first-ever

The Biden administration moved up the US vaccination schedule by 2 months yesterday, promising enough doses to vaccinate all US adults by May’s end,