Journalist Nasrin Nawa fled Kabul on Friday, but her sister wasn’t able to make it out.  

Last September, a 

“Soy, soy lo que dejaron Soy toda la sobra de lo que se robaron… Soy América Latina Un pueblo sin piernas, pero que camina”

They have done their jobs, and their jobs have done them in.   18 months into the pandemic, exhausted US health workers are grappling with burnout as COVID-19 cases are increasing yet again.  

Water covers 70% of the planet—yet 2 billion+ people can only access feces-contaminated water, risking severe illness with every sip.   Several emerging technologies are aiming to help solve the global water crisis.   The Israeli firm Watergen’s technology filters water…

Don’t be greedy. Think of others less fortunate. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus gave an Ethics 101 lecture yesterday to wealthy countries eyeing COVID-19 booster shots for their citizens rather than sharing with poorer countries.

Who took last place in a new ranking of health care in high-income countries?   Hints: 

South Korea has reported its first 2 cases of the “Delta plus” COVID-19 variant—both had been fully vaccinated with the AstraZeneca jab, officials said Tuesday,

Major US companies are stepping up vaccine requirements in hopes of continuing business as the country faces its latest coronavirus surge, 

Some rich countries are moving ahead on COVID-19 booster shots, while 3.5 billion people are still waiting in line to get their first jab, Amy Maxmen writes in