As summer COVID-19 surges usher masking and distancing back in across the US, contact tracing is being left in the toolbox. Many states began dialing back tracing months ago; Texas’ new budget bans contact tracing funding altogether.   That’s a missed opportunity, says Tom…

In a Marin County, California elementary school—where masks and social distancing were in place—an unvaccinated teacher unmasked for story time. Within days of discovering she had been infected with the Delta variant, half her class had it, too.   The case study was…

2 Japanese prefectures suspended use of Moderna shots yesterday after the discovery of more contaminated doses and the report of the deaths of 2 men after receiving their second Moderna jabs, The Japan Times reports.

Time’s up to get to the bottom of COVID-19 origins, write the authors of last spring’s WHO report in a 

The rapid US departure from Afghanistan is leaving much behind: Humvees, equipment, gear, a host of health issues for the country—and children.  

When COVID-19 drove up demand for medical oxygen in Mexico, supply lines got shaky and prices soared—pushing some hospitals to embrace plans to build their own plants.   A hospital in Guanajuato built an onsite oxygen generator plant that supplied the entire hospital and…

As the Delta variant swept through the US, vaccine effectiveness at preventing infection fell from about 90% to 66%, according to 

Students searching for ways to alleviate extreme poverty found a solution right under their feet: replacing dirt floors.  

Rising COVID-19 cases and a shortage of critical supplies are pushing Cuba’s overrun hospitals—and health workers—to their limit, 

Bottlenecks in some US hospitals hard-hit by COVID-19 aren't about a lack of space—but rather a shortage of nurses, their ranks depleted by early retirements and burnout fueled by the heavy toll of tending to pandemic patients.