Researchers want to make a global disease forecasting system that would be as easy as checking the weather.  

If we wanted to, we could list a COVID-19 moment for every month of 2020.

India’s spring lockdown left tens of millions of migrant workers with no work or food—and little choice but to board special trains back home. The trains were meant to spare the horrific suffering of migrants, who were dying from thirst, heat, hunger, and exhaustion as…

Up to a third of the world’s people have no safety net to buffer COVID-19’s economic blows, a

“While there’s no one-size-fits all approach to solving health emergencies, we do know this: accurate, easily available data is key,” says Jonathan Quick, MD, MPH, managing director of he Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Response, Preparedness, and Prevention Initiative.

Could a novel strain of SARS-CoV-2 identified this month be linked to an accelerating spread in the country’s southeast? 

No one knows where the next pandemic will emerge. But countries where human-animal interaction has been forced by deforestation, resource extraction, and agricultural expansion, are a good bet.  

COVID-19 has revealed the extraordinary possibilities that can manifest when global scientific know-how is trained on a single topic.   The virus was fully sequenced in January and a Phase 3 vaccine clinical trial is finishing in the fall.

Contact tracing—with its deceptively simple mantra of “test-trace-isolate”—varies wildly from country to country in strategy and success. 

“It feels amazing.” That's how one shipping staffer described sending out the first US COVID-19 vaccines yesterday from cargo hubs in Tennessee and Kentucky.