Contradicting assumptions held by over 50% of Americans that immigrants drive up healthcare costs, a new study finds that not only do immigrants receive far less care, they’re likely to pay more into the system than they take out when compared with those US-born.

Venezuela’s collapsing health system has breast cancer patients resorting to “20th century” treatment for lack of better options.

If you’re a woman and you’re having a heart attack, you may want to have a female physician treat you.  

MONTRÉAL—“When you have more, you have to give more.” That advice, from Québec's Chief Public Health Officer Horacio Arruda, aptly described his audience of medical students attending a health inequities forum at the International Federation of Medical Students’…

Despite the Trump administration’s relentless efforts to raze Obamacare, enrollment in the plan is up 6% with strong indications that 2019 premium increases will be substantially lower than in years past.

Layers of efforts to extend life for the terminally ill are leaving patients, families—even doctors—holding out for a miracle instead of preparing for the inevitable, writes Atul Gawande. 25% of all Medicare spending goes to the 5% of patients in their final year of life.

Religious doctrine is dictating health care options in a growing number of rural communities across America.. Estimates show that 1 in 6 hospital beds in the US are Catholic-owned or affiliated. From 2001-2016, as the number of hospitals in the US shrank, Catholic hospitals…

Brazil is ushering in a public health catastrophe, researchers warn in a letter calling out a disastrous plan for “health reform” in the country already embroiled in political and economic crises.

The battle for Mosul ended a year ago, but people are returning by the thousands—and finding a healthcare system in ruins, Médecins Sans Frontières reports.   For a population of 1.8 million people, there are still less than 1,000 hospital beds—half the minimum standard for…

One key group has been left out of most efforts to track attacks on healthcare: those training to be doctors.