The pandemic has forced a “morbid, real-time experiment” in the impact of mass social isolation.  

36,000 deaths could have been averted had the US launched social distancing measures on March 8 instead of March 15, according to Columbia University researchers’ estimates that haven’t yet been peer reviewed. 

Senegal has so far been able to deliver on an ambitious promise to offer hospital beds to all COVID-19 patients—and their contacts.

“Spat on, stabbed while shopping, shunned for wearing masks,”—these are just a few incidents reported by Asian Americans since the pandemic began.

World leaders rebuffed US efforts to punish WHO and China over the pandemic, rallying instead for global solidarity at the World Health Assembly,

A new Lancet study of 2 Manhattan hospitals underscores COVID-19’s outsize impact on the elderly.  

Tensions between US and China boiled over at the virtual 73rd World Health Assembly yesterday, amid calls for investigations into source of the virus in China and the WHO’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

A historic 73rd World Health Assembly is underway, amid a global high-stakes battle against the “worst pandemic in modern history, NPR Goats and Soda reports. The unprecedented gathering, for the first time ever taking place not in Geneva but via teleconference, gives…

Amid the pandemic, the number of patients collecting antiretroviral medications from Kenyan health facilities has steeply declined.   Many patients register at facilities far from home to avoid stigma—making access even riskier in the time of COVID-19.   As WHO predicts…

The Washington Post’s Stephanie McCrummen ventured this weekend into a wealthy area of shops, bars, and restaurants in Alpharetta, Georgia. She found mostly unmasked and unworried people “eating, drinking, touching and throwing caution to the wind.” Some quotes she gathered: