Children with life-threatening illnesses need psychosocial support and palliative care to alleviate pain and suffering—but sometimes, resources are maxed out on medical needs.   That’s true in many parts of South Africa, where just 8 organizations provide pediatric…

The Tuskegee syphilis study—which deceived Black men into thinking they were being treated for “bad blood” when they really had untreated syphilis—is a ubiquitous part of the public narrative around minorities’ mistrust of the medical establishment.  

It’s a pandemic mystery: Initially mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 cases that launch a “stubborn and complex array of symptoms” that can ebb and flow for months.  

43 cases of a mysterious neurological disease have turned up since 2015 in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, sending neurologists searching for answers and leaving communities on edge.  5 people have died.   The disease is similar to the rare and fatal Creutzfeldt-…

The AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot is good to go in Europe again after the European Medicines Agency found that the jab’s benefits 

Vaccination may be a pass to certain activities—but what about actual vaccine passports?  

Older people are not only more likely to get sicker or die from COVID-19; they’re more likely to catch it again,

The impact of COVID-19 lockdowns is just beginning to be understood.

COVID-19 is hitting Papua New Guinea “like a tornado,” forcing hospitals to close because so  many doctors and nurses are ill,