After initially rejecting Johnson & Johnson vaccines—saying they were “very good” but “not as good” as the Moderna and Pfizer’s—Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan walked back his statement, 

60,000+ people have fled Ethiopia’s Tigray region for Sudan, after months of conflict culminated in civilian massacres, destruction of health facilities, and a humanitarian crisis with at least 1 million displaced,

If you can’t convince public health workers to get vaccinated, you’ve got a problem.  

Disparities in the virus’s toll are being mirrored in Florida’s vaccine rollout.  

As wealthy nations roll out millions of COVID-19 vaccines and are beginning to reap the benefits, a devastating inverse trend in South America is sending cases soaring, PAHO chief

Over the past decade, the Pennsylvania countryside has become a hotbed of fracking.   Many families—mostly poor and rural—have no idea what living near fracking wells, pipelines, and compressor stations means for their health.

Baltimore is piloting new software aimed at identifying gun trafficking patterns and illegal firearms sales.   Developed by the advocacy group Everytown For Gun Safety, the Gun Trafficking Intelligence Platform works as a “flashlight” for gun crime patterns. It combines…

88% of the 2.5 million COVID-19 deaths take place in countries where a majority of adults are classified as overweight, according to a new 

At least 14 people have died of an unidentified flu-like illness in Kasongo-Lunda, in the DRC province of Kwango, 

“Unacceptable”: More than 430 million people globally live with serious, unaddressed, and often preventable hearing loss, according to the WHO’s first-ever