In the shadow of COVID-19, the global AIDS response is falling off track—as many countries are failing to take full advantage of scientific advances, according to the 

Ugandan authorities are using the cover of COVID-19 pandemic emergency powers to crack down on LGBTQ+ people, targeting them for arrest and extortion, a 

Malaria deaths resulting from disruption of services will likely exceed the number of COVID-19 deaths in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the WHO’s 

Refusing a handshake was once considered rude—today, offering one may be ultimate faux pas.                                          But COVID-era social protocols are still new and awkward, and etiquette experts are here to help.  

It’s perfectly normal for viruses to mutate—but most of these changes are about as consequential as typos on a page (though we hate to see those!).  

Society’s squeamishness about older people’s sex lives is driving a rise in sexually transmitted infections among over-45s, according to a new survey spanning the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands, 

By retesting frozen lab animals, research teams in Asia have found 2 coronaviruses closely linked to SARS-CoV-2—the virus’s first known relatives outside of China.   One was discovered in horseshoe bats stored in a lab freezer in Cambodia after being captured in 2010. The…

Vaccines are on the way, but distribution presents herculean ethical and logistical challenges.

On April 5, former BuzzFeed journalist Patrice Peck sent out the first installment of her brand new newsletter, 

The misuse of antibiotics to treat COVID-19 could accelerate the spread of antimicrobial resistance,